I’ve done several small educational application during my journey to being Java programmer. Right now they exist only as blog entries (I’ve resigned from my VPS for now). to keep my blog structure clean I’ve decided to gather information about them on one page.

Usually entries about them can be found by browsing entries annotated with tag (which is mostly application name). Unfortunately all the entries about applications described below are written in Polish. I only leave them here for sentimental reasons 😉


Technologies: Grails, MySQL, HTML&CSS
Posts can be found here.

After dealing with Swing library I moved to web programming. Grails 1.0.4 was my choice – back then (circa 2009) it was like a breathe of fresh air. It ended as simple QA CRUD application.


Technologies: JSF, Hibernate, Richfaces, MySQL, Apache Tiles, HTML&CSS
Posts can be found here.

ProgramBash was created to get some experience with JSF and other related technologies. I do not recall it as plesant one.


Technologies: Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Maven, HTML&CSS
Posts can be found here.

It was supposed to be application helping with SCJP certification. It was one of my first grasps at Spring MCV but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I’ve started working as Java programmer back then so I’ve dropped development as I was learning so much at my new job.


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