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Model variables for all views in Thymeleaf 2.1 with Spring MVC

Recently I’ve stumbled upon quite common problem – how to inject a few variables to every Thymeleaf view in application. Of course there is @ModelParam annotation, I could use interceptor or @ControllerAdvice. All solutions are described on StackOverFlow (it is about controllers).

The problem was that I wanted to put Maven build information in that model (to show version and build time in footer). Therefore I did not need application-scope wiring, as build informations are available during Spring’s container startup. So I’ve found another solution dealing with model itself on the lower level – pure XML configuration. There is a special property in ThymeleafViewResolver that can be used – static variables. So code sample can look like this:

<bean id="thymeleafViewResolver" class="org.thymeleaf.spring4.view.ThymeleafViewResolver">
    <property name="templateEngine" ref="templateEngine" />
    <property name="characterEncoding" value="UTF-8" />
    <property name="staticVariables">
                <entry key="myModelVariableIWantToSet" value="My model variable value" />
                <!-- All placeholders taken from context:property-placeholder tag can be used as value-->

All defined variables are put into all Model instances that are linked to Thymeleaf views. If You are just serving plain JSON it does not go there – that can be expected behaviour or not! Be aware of that fact.