My name is Michał Piotrowski aka Chlebik (it can be translated as ‘Breadey/Bready’, it means small bread in Polish), I come from Poland and at the moment I am working as software consultant (for iQuestGroup) in Java and Hybris area. I have started writing this blog back in 2008 (in Polish), which was a way to document my progress in transforming from PHP development to Java world. It was a success and since 2010 I am officially working in a Java environment still writing about new frameworks or problems I have faced in my everyday work.

I decided to start writing in English in September 2014 to expand the reach of my blog, gain new experience and knowledge. Feel free to contact me if You have found an error or mistake in one of the articles or just want to ask me something.

In my spare time (if I got any) I enjoy cycling, reading and playing chess.

My email: michal.chlebik.piotrowski(at)gmail.com
I am also present as @Chlebosz on Twitter
And not so much on LinkedIn

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