Chlebik goes into JVM jungle. Something ends, something begins.

It’s been a while since the last post. I think, a while is an overstatement, it’s been ages. The reason why is quite obvious – I’ve reached the point, where there’s a problem with what to write. It boils down to two approaches – go with ‘How to…’ or ‘Introduction to…’ posts for the beginners, or very detailed information about specific topics. The former I’m having every day at work (tutoring youngsters and doing code reviews). The latter posts are read by few readers, and they don’t attract wider publicity.

It took me a couple of years to reach the point, where I wanted to change something (build a house along the way, but that’s no biggie). Therefore, my second project emerged, where I’ve dived into low-level stuff, which I’ve never touched before. Over a year has passed, and it’s time for a change there too. More on that can be read in this post, although as it touches Java, I wanted to share a little here too.

My goal is to get away for a moment of strictly business-like Java (which I’m doing every day at work), and dive into the internals of the JVM. Get knowledge about how things work there, where code meets the machine, and all the hard work is being done. Hence my plan to learn C++ and first start with garbage collection algorithms. That’s my goal for upcoming months(years?).

It’s at the same time an official farewell to this blog. I’ve started it a long time ago, when I was PHP programmer with maybe 9 months of commercial experience. In August/September I had 10 year anniversary of working in Java. Seems like a lifetime, and it is. This blog will remain online, as a memory of who I was, and what I can become in the future, but only as it. No more blog posts will be published, oficially confirming the current-state-of-things.

I want to say big Thank You to all the readers of the blog. I met wonderful people through it, and build a network of interesting developers. Learned a lot in a process, and build a strong foundation for my knowledge. But that’s it. It’s time to say goodbye, and close this chapter in my life. If I ever was to return, that will probably happen in the different place. Farewell.

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