JavaScript Patterns book review

lrg I have never actually studied JavaScript. It was something that came with the job, back then, when I started working as PHP programmer. I have no problem with jQuery usage and also with jQuery Ui components, but this is all. Reading JavaScript Patterns was like a breathe of a fresh air again.

The book concentrates on good practices and patterns used in proper JavaScript coding. It does not cover very much of the language internals but shows why one approach is good and why another is bad. Therefore there is also a great piece of knowledge gained in the process, what is important, every chapter is full of practical solutions. All aspects of JavaScript programming – scalar values, object creation, functions or code conventions have been described. Intentionally or not, the book is short and cohesive course of JavaScript itself.

Maybe it is just me, but all articles or papers I’ve read about JavaScript in the past was heavily linked with the browser. That is not an issue here. Although there is separate chapter describing DOM and browsers, all knowledge and examples were given without browser in mind. You can run all examples eg. in Nashorn.

It seems that mamy review is short. But that is the beauty of book I am reviewing – there is no doubt that You should read it. Despite working with JavaScript or not – it will just make You a better coder.


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