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Shortcut for jRebel executor in Intellij Idea

I have recently started working again with Intellij Idea with jRebel. This tool-combo is one of the best things that ever happened to me, although I faced a little problem.

When running Tomcat instance from Intellij (with jRebel configured properly) You should use a little rocket icon on your toolbar.


After clicking it Tomcat starts and there is console window at the bottom of the screen. But imagine the situation when this window is hidden – You toggled fullscreen mode or searched for something. The only way to show that window again was to use mouse and go to menu View->Tool Windows and the find JRebel Executor. I tried to assign shortcut for this (similar to simple Run action), but I could not find proper action on the shortcut list (menu File->Settings->Keymap). The solution is simple – Tomcat with JRebel must be TURNED ON to create this shortcut!! While running Intellij Idea will show additional item for JRebel executor in actions list! Just assign it shortcut You want and viola, it works.